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  • Street:9F, NO. 196-7, SEC3, TA-TUNG RD.

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BPSiPC has been well known for designing and manufacturing professional IPC power supply units for more than 20 years and have also grew into a reliable manufacturing partner for System Integration Products through that time. We currently have our own NCT factory, QA laboratory and specialized R&D team capable of ODM/ OEM and manufacturing covering products from: -Panel PCs (Medical, Automation, Digital Signage) -B4U Systems (muti-module system) -Embedded Systems -Rackmount Systems -Kiosks -Power Supply (single, redundant, medical) -Chassis -LCD KVM BPSiPC is dedicated to providing high quality, durable products with long-term after-sales service and are able to meet our customer's special requirement and needs for design and production. We have partners in: -OEM/ ODM -Manufacturing -System Integration -Distribution/ Retail -Direct Business Applications BPSiPC is always looking for new partners and bringing more innovative and high quality products to the market because we believe in- Powering Your Business.

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